“Full transparency on procedures”, says acting president of Nigeria



On 18 May 2017, Acting President Osinbajo signed an Executive Order to improve Nigeria’s business-enabling environment.

The Order aims at promoting the transparency and efficiency of administrative procedures.  Henceforth every public institution (Ministry, Department or Agency) will have to publish online a complete list of requirements and conditions for obtaining products and services.

UNCTAD is working closely with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to establish a trade information portal that will provide an exhaustive list of import and export procedures for doing business with Nigeria. This tool is part of GIZ and UNCTAD‘s efforts to support trade facilitation in ECOWAS.

The trade portal will rely on the eRegulations system’s key principles. It will display step-by-step procedures for private operators that take into account the country’s legal framework. It will also comply fully with the newly issued Executive Order.