Gambia Chamber of Commerce: ‘Let’s boost investment together’

UNCTAD business facilitation platforms attract strong support from the Gambian private sector. Following the completion of the Investment Policy Review, a mission took place in Banjul to discuss the implementation of eRegulations and eRegistrations systems.

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GCCI 2This enthusiastic exclamation by Alieu Secka, CEO of the Gambian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), was echoed by all officials participating in a meeting in Banjul on 5-9 June 2017. Mr Secka, who is also the main spokesman of the private sector, was referring to UNCTAD’s support in implementing the eRegulations and eRegistrations systems.

The meeting was attended by UNCTAD, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Employment and Regional Integration (MOTIE) – all key players in investment and business promotion in the Gambia.

empretecFollowing the recent completion of its Investment Policy Review of the Gambia, UNCTAD’s mission was intended to help the Government further promote investment and boost the private sector.

The Gambia is a long-standing member of the EMPRETEC programme, a pillar of business promotion.