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The “Go Green by 2017” launched by the Global Enterprise Registration ( website is not about reducing our carbon footprint or improving our recycling habits. It is a call to action for governments to make their business registration processes clear and simple by 2017, and facilitate economic growth and good governance globally.


11666256_10153453944883876_4843639828359110666_n event in Geneva – November 3, 2015

UNCTAD, the Kaufman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurship Network and the U.S. State Department have teamed up to help cut red tape in business registration globally. The Global Enterprise Registration ( website is a global platform designed to get governments, businesses and educators involved in making business registration easy everywhere.

In an international meeting held in Geneva on November 3, 2016 representatives from the US, Columbia, Guatemala, Cameroon, Tanzania and Luxembourg described the rapid positive impact of simplified, online, administrative processes in their countries. “Streamlining business registration via this global platform will spur entrepreneurship, save entrepreneurs time and money, reduce corruption, and help governments identify best practices,” said US mission Ambassador in Geneva Pamela Hamamoto.

The “Go Green by 2017” campaign was launched earlier this year to encourage governments to put their business registration processes online and to make business registration easier by clarifying and simplifying business registration processes.

The team rates all the world’s business registration websites for their user-friendliness using a scale of zero to ten green dots, with more dots being better. Users can also rate the websites. More green dots are better. Hence “going green.”

Francis Ngantcha, Cameroon Minister Counselor

Francis Ngantcha, Cameroon Minister Counselor

Although the initiative was launched just a year ago, the results are very promising. Thanks to UNCTAD’s Business Facilitation Program, Guatemala was able to reduce the time it takes to register a business online from 47 days to only 14, which has had a very positive impact on the number of companies and sole traders registered in the country’s Commercial Registry. In Cameroon, it used to take one to two months to formally register a business. It is now possible to create a company in less than 3 days. In Tanzania, “investors in will have the possibility to register online, and apply for a wide array of procedures (tax, work permits, access to land). It takes today 8 physical steps and several weeks to obtain an investment certificate. Early 2016, thanks to the online Tanzania Investment Window, this will be reduced to 1 online step and 1 physical step allowing the investor to apply from overseas and only make the trip if the project is approved,” said Neema Manongi, First Secretary of Tanzania.

The online Tanzania Investment Centre.

The online Tanzania Investment Centre.

Many of the business registration websites that are linked to have been created or improved using UNCTAD’s eRegulations system, with strong investments and support from Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, and the European Union.

Every visit to signals to governments that simple, clear, administrative procedures matter. More site traffic makes simple processes a priority.




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