Dakar/Bamako corridor: the end of drivers’ nightmares?


CORRIDOR - PHOTO 2Customs procedures at Diboli, the border post between Mali and Senegal can delay cargo transport along the Dakar-Bamako corridor for as long as 72 hours. Trucks are immobilized for several kilometers forcing drivers to set up makeshift camps at the side of the road.

In July 2017, the General Directorate of Customs of Mali adopted a roadmap to organize the transit of goods from the Port of Dakar. This measure (initially reserved for a pilot group approved by customs) should simplify procedures at the Diboli border post and ease traffic congestion.

The preparation of the roadmap was supported by UNCTAD and GIZ as part of a project to improve competitiveness along the Dakar/Bamako Corridor. The import and export procedures have been documented by UNCTAD to identify bottlenecks and unnecessary red tape. Proposals for simplification have been identified at the request of the Government of Mali.